Bridal Shower Gift Ideas For Her

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas, Bridal Shower Gift Ideas For HerYou can always go with the safe route and pick out some practical bridal shower gifts to give to the bride with hopes that she and her groom will find it useful. It seems common to pick out something that they might also get from five other guests like two dollar candle a bottle of cheap wine. Although the bride may be polite enough to say that she really loves it at the party, it could be possible that it could end up re-gifting it to someone else.

But why not take the risky path and pick something that the bride and her groom are more likely to enjoy while they are on their honeymoon? There is a wide variety of things that you can pick out from, ranging from ‘mildly romantic’ to ‘embarrassing’! Probably one of the easiest romantic gifts that you can put together is to create a Honeymoon Gift Basket. Inside of if you can put some great bridal shower gifts for her and even him.

The gift basket can for example could contain a CD or mp3 compilation of romantic songs, just make sure when making your song list, you keep in mind what the bride and groom’s taste in music might be. When they see how much effort you have put in the task they will really appreciate it. In your bridal shower gifts for her you can also include little gifts like scented candles that can be placed inside their room to add a little mood lightning and aromatherapy. This is a great setting for a romantic dinner together! You might even go as far as adding a favorite bottle of champagne or other favorite drink for them to open on their very first night together as a man and wife in celebration of the rest of their life. You can also put in a teddy bear just for the bride, and a pair of boxers with little hearts on them for the groom. This will not only be useful and cute gift but it will also bring some laughs to the party.

Your Honeymoon Gift Basket which is filled with bridal shower gifts for her and him can contain just about anything that you find romantic or even a little bit funny. Another great present that you can put inside the basket is a red or black bow tie that looks similarly to the ones that the male Chippendale’s dancers wear.  Another great idea is to add some books to the gift basket. Maybe books on massages or for something comical a comedy book.

A Honeymoon Gift Basket can be easily filled with great bridal shower gifts for her. Although women are usually a bit more picky about their presents, if you take your time and consider what she and her groom would love, you can manage to make the perfect surprise present. After all nobody would expect something like this… as the usual presents they get are blenders, towels, coffee makers and so on. This is something that they will really appreciate and it and time you put into it. They are surely going to remember your gesture for a long time and will be thankful for all your efforts that you have put in gathering these gifts. There are many other different ideas that you can explore, but remember that in the end it’s the thought that counts!

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