Bridal Shower Themes

If you are thinking about hosting a bridal shower, you probably want to make the event as unique and unforgettable as you can, so you could probably consider hosting a party with a fun theme. Generally, most of the bridal showers and events are planned with some sort of a theme. When you are choosing a theme, it should be something that you think the bride-to-be would love. Also think about is this for just the bride or both the bride and groom? Will it be a family party or a friends party? Most importantly what kind of party does the bride want to have? These are the sorts of the questions want to answer when choosing the right theme.
Since you are going to be hosting a bridal shower, the main theme should be to focus on the bride-to-be herself. After all she is going to be your guest of honor! The bottom line is that you’ll want to organize a bridal shower that she will definitely appreciate and remember. Once you have the theme you can get started on the planning! You’ll find that everything will fall into place after that, like gift ideas, decorations, venue, etc.
Here we will discuss a few good examples of great and popular bridal shower themes that you can try!
A “High Tea” party theme definitely a popular choice. Tea parties are timeless and fun at the same time. You are free to choose from either elegant styled one or a more off-beat Alice in Wonderland type of party, depending on what the bride would appreciate more. If you are going with the Alice in Wonderland style, you can try asking the guests to come with all sorts of strange and funny hats. You can even try and make a Mad Hatter table! It will surely be great fun for everyone. Check and see if your local live theater might have some “Alice & Wonderland” props you can borrow for a small fee.
Another very popular theme is “Stock the –“ either “pantry” or “bar” depending on your choice. If you choose the pantry one, you can ask each guest to bring in a favorite written recipe including ingredients for the bride’s new pantry. For the bar one, you can ask guests to bring their favorite beer, wine, liquors or mixers that they think the couple would appreciate.
If you are looking for a unique theme that really manages to stand out above all of the rest is the “Month of the Year” themed party. Assign each one of the guests to a certain month and they have to bring a gift that is useful in the particular month. An example is to give the bride a new pair of flip flops or a bikini for the summer months. With this theme the bride will be able to receive gifts that she would be able to enjoy all year round.
One last very popular option is the “Pamper” bridal shower theme. It is great for all the women in the bridal party! It works better if there are a fewer guests, so if you are having a big bridal shower this theme might not be appropriate. You can invite professional make-up artists, massage therapists, and caterers to give the bridal party a nice day service and pampering. It is something that a bride-to-be would surely love before her big day, as it would certainly take her mind off of all the stress and planning. Throw in some fun games and it can be very entertaining!
But remember that no matter what type of bridal shower theme you choose, the main purpose is to get people together to celebrate this couples new life together! Plan to relax and have fun and it will be an unforgettable memory for everyone!

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