Fun and Games

Bridal showers have been created in order to celebrate the joy of two people “becoming one”. It is a time for the family and friends to share their joy with the happy couple. In many instances a wedding shower is the first time that family members of both sides of the bridal party catch up. This can lead to some awkward situations at times, but these situations can be turned around quite easily with the help of a few light-hearted bridal shower games. Bridal shower games are an excellent way to help you break the ice and create a great party mood! Bridal shower games are not only fun, but they will also be a great encouragement for the guests to mingle, relax and have a good time together. Get your bridal shower off to a fast and fun start with a few crowd-friendly bridal shower games!
The Wedding Song Game: you can find out who knows their wedding songs as the players are competing in order to find out who knows the most popular tunes that are played at weddings. This is a great bridal shower ice breaker game for the ones that love their music!
Bridal Shower Trivia: What is the average age of brides? Who should be the one that proposes the toast at the ceremony? You can ask these and a lot of other wedding party questions in order to find out who knows the most about weddings. This is a fun bridal shower ice breaking game that can really get the party going.
Romantic Movies Word Scramble: This game will be loved by movie goers, as they are trying to unscramble the titles of 25 different big screen love stories. Everything from Gone with the Wind to the Titanic! You will surely spark some conversations with this one.
My Candy Bar Wedding Night: Players have to use the candy bar names that are listed in order to write a story about the bride and groom’s wedding night. You can put in names like Sugar Daddy Runts, Whoopers, and much more! After all the players finish their stories they have to read them out loud. This is one of my favorites!
Bridal Bingo: One very popular bridal shower game. Players mark off each item as the guest of honour opens her gifts. First one to get Bingo wins! You can include gifts like towels, coffee makers, blenders, china, and anything else that come to your mind. Might take some pre planning and very engaging!
Nowadays there are many bridal showers who include not only the bride but the groom and his friends as well. This is sometimes referred to as a “Jack and Jill” shower, it has become quite trendy and is a great way for all wedding guests to get to know each other. The list of bridal shower games should include things that both genders would find interesting. Some good suggestions for such games are:
Name that Tool: In this game men and women compete to see who knows the names of more tools. It is a great and funny game that both genders would love.
Name that Spice: This is an old classic game that has been around for quite some time. Here men and women compete to see who knows the names of more spices. This is another great couple bridal shower game that is sure to generate some great laughs.
Famous Couples: Here players have to match each celebrity with their correct partner. This game is surely going to be loved by all celebrity fans.
Famous Husbands/Famous Wives: Here the teams compete in order to see which one knows the most. It is another great ice breaker game for your bridal shower that you have to try!
Animal Mates: The players have to match the animal with its appropriate mate. For example a rooster goes with a hen. This is a great game for couples and animal experts alike.
It does not matter what type of theme have you picked for your bridal shower, these games are sure to fit anywhere. They are a great way to break the ice between the guests and have some fun time together!

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